A Day at the Races – The Ralt RT4

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A Day at the Races – The Ralt RT4

So you’ve got a what to shoot? A Ralt? what is that?

This is vaguely how I remember my response on the phone to Jeff from J and S Motorsport when I was asked to photograph this lovely race car October last year. So me, this motorsport enthusiast had never heard of a Ralt before – a wee bit embarrasing – so to google I went. You can find a lot out about this type of car from Wikipedia to which I won’t regurgitate here. Essentially my understanding is that this type of car was used in an Australian Formula 1 seriesĀ  – yes that’s right, this great nation had it’s own Formula 1 series once upon a time from 1970-1983 – how about that?

This particular car happens to be a Ralt RT4 from which you can google to find out the specs. Now whilst I wish I knew a little bit more about the history of this particular car I shot, that information is not available right now. What I can tell you was that at the time, it had just undergone some form of restoration and the engine hadn’t sung a note at the time we shot these. I felt truly privileged to be given the opportunity to shoot this wonderful looking machine. I remember seeing it outside the pit garage that wonderful sunny afternoon after I had just wrapped up the NSW WRX Speed Championship (okay so it’s my blog and I’ll brag about myself if I so choose…), the car just looked so immaculate. As you can see from the photo’s the detail around the gearbox, the suspension links, and that CHROME exhaust, the detail on this thing was just AMAZING.

As for the photographic techniques deployed to shoot this. The Sun was very very bright, so unfortunately that ruled out my normal light painting methods. We were planning to use this method like on the Nissan 200SX in the previous blog post, but unfortunately the kind staff at Sydney Motor Sport Park couldn’t allow us to stay any longer for the sun to set for this to technique to work. So for all the shots except for one, I used a 5×7 reflector to push the sunlight back onto the car to overpower the back light of the sun. The single photograph where the sky is very dark, I’ve used a multishot layered technique in photoshop and lit the car using a single wireless speed light / strobe.

Needless to say, if I ever get the chance to do some more detailed shots of this car – I’ll happily oblige.

And as always – click for a larger view…

NOTE: unless you have a calibrated monitor, the photo’s may not appear as intended – and particularly the orange hue’d sunset shots may appear yellowish or green depending on your monitor…